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We specialise in Ferrari F430 import cars and providing buyers with the latest information on the best prices and deals available in the F430 marketplace. Right hand drive and left hand drive can be supplied.

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About the Ferrari 430
As with the entry-level Ferraris of the past, the new F430 will take on an aluminum body, as well as an aluminum frame. Ferrari intends on using their best technology and supercar-levels of performance in the F430 to catch up on ground lost to its arch-rival Lamborghini, and in preparation for a series of super-fast assaults from the new range of upcoming Porsche GT-series 997 generation 911s. Ferrari’s newcomer takes an evolutionary approach in its styling borrowing from the new 612 Scaglietti, and heavily influenced by Ferrari’s latest supercar, the Enzo. A quick look over and the thinner, vertical stacked headlamps with powerful xenon beam headlamps. A center ‘inverted’ intake on the front’s leading edge has been slotted between the two main intakes, the shape and placement borrowed from the Enzo. The same goes for much of the upright rear end, particularly the protruding taillamps which break the rear fender’s curving surfaces.

When Ferrari designed the 4.2 liter V8 motor for Maserati after purchasing the Italian sports firm, everyone was sure it had something in mind for its own use. It turns out we were right, as it’s now the powerplant for this very car. Enlarged to 4308 cc, the engine received several internal upgrades, which include a larger, 81 mm stroke which should allow the motor to rev higher and harder.

The steering wheel on the F430 is a functional link to Ferrari’s famous F1 cars. Like the Enzo, it features thumb-actuated horn buttons on the wheel’s rim, as well as a large, red starter button. The steering wheel also houses the rotary knob which features a five-setting adjustment for the car’s traction and stability control, E-diff, active dampers and transmission program.

The F1-inpsired system has settings for normal conditions, ice, slippery roadways, racing and ASR-off – each can be selected to suit the driver’s needs. Think of it as a condensed version of Schumacher’s own wheel. From what we’ve seen of the F430, we can safely say that the interior’s a close copy of the exterior – plenty of references to the Enzo, but well within the domain of the Modena. The dashboard and instrumentation are straightforward with yellow-faced rev-counter up front and center. All other gauges are smaller and offset to either side with standard black faces. The center console takes on a simpler look, with a radio, Enzo-style five-star vents and simple rotary switches for the HVAC system. Fine leather trim swathes the dashboard, and a pair of sporty, redesigned bucket seats.

We aim to provide buyers of Ferrari 430 with the best portfolio of cars in RHD or LHD form.

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ferrari 430
ferrari 430
ferrari 430

ferrari 430